Shetland Naturalist

calendar 2006The Shetland Field Studies Group publishes The Shetland Naturalist, a highly respected magazine of the natural sciences. Each is a treasure trove of articles and notes on Shetland’s environment. You don’t need to be an ‘expert’ to contribute. We welcome noteworthy observations too.

We are in the process of posting the contents of each issue here on this page, and details of how to obtain back issues. In the meantime, here is an example contents page:

Volume 1, part 1, 1991

D. R. Slingsby  The Keen of Hamar – a twenty-one year study

D. H. Dalby  An introduction to Shetland Lichens

H. Exton  On the stability of the St Ninian’s Isle tombolo

D. Suddaby and K. Osborn  A Pallas’ Sandgrouse in Shetland, 19th. May – 4th. June, 1990

A. D. D. Gear  Some old Foula Records

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