Please book walks at:
Visit Shetland Visitor Information Centre, Market Cross, Lerwick, Shetland. ZE1 0LU
Tel:    01595 693434           Web site:    https://www.shetlandvisitor.com

Welcome to the Shetland Field Studies Group web site, updated for 2019

We are Shetland’s oldest and longest running walking group

We are a voluntary group of walkers who love Shetland, but for us, just walking is not enough !

We love to  explore some of Shetland’s wilder, hidden corners, as well as the more familiar places, but we like to know what made them the way they are.

Shetland has some fascinating features and each one has a unique history. Every ruin has a story behind it. Every flower grows where it does, for a reason. Every stone has been formed like no other, through millions of years of incredible processes.

We seek out some of the best people to help us interpret the places we pass by. We look for a mixture of expertise and experience, a blend of scientific, professional and local knowledge.

Shetland Field Studies Group sets about researching and investigating the routes we walk, months ahead. We produce individual maps, geology maps and detailed notes in advance and everyone who goes on the trip gets their own copy to keep.

The result is a marvelous combination of good company, splendid scenery, fascinating insights and lasting memories.

But walking isn’t all we do !

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